Harpreet Kochar


Harpreet passion for homeopathy started in early childhood, around 40 yrs back, when she used to get sick with throat infection. She was fond of eating sweet and sour things which always used to affect her throat. She always landed up with throat infection and used to get big scoldings from her Mom and have to eat dreadful antibiotics.

To avoid scoldings from her Mom she started learning different pathies which can heal her throat infection. She did postal courses in Hydrotherapy, Naturopathy and homeopathy, around 35 yrs back. She found Homeopathy the best as it could heal her throat infection within two days, relieved her throat pain in one day. She was amazed and started learning further along with her graduation.

Then she started serving people, who were suffering from chronic diseases and those who could not find way in Allopathy.

Then she heard about Acupuncture in 1990’s and studied about it as well . This therapy is also good but has few limitations .

But Homeopathy is one of the best holistic treatment where it is designed to improve the body overall. It is a form of healing that considers the whole person- body, mind, spirit and emotions.

She started serving people in charitable Hospital in India for about 12 years. She had gained lot of experience while treating patients with acute and Chronic diseases ,weight loss,drug addictions, smoking, paralysis.During her long homoeopathic practice, she has treated thousands of patients.

She was also lecturar at Dr D . N Kotnis Charitable Acupuncture Hospital And medical colllege for the subject Physiology . Her specialities are that she acts as an inspiration for all those who seek knowledge and guidance .

She was awarded by Dr. D.N. Kotnis Health & Education Centre in India towards her outstanding services for suffering humanity in year 2014.

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